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Portrait Blasen Part II

The great people of Café Blasen………

Police action in Nörrebro


Last Saturday the Danish Police closed a whole street in Norrebrogade because of a hit N run earlier in that street. They were there for about three hours looking for evidence and looking for the driver, evidently the driver of the car escaped into one of the houses and they needed evidence to pin it on him or something like that, he was arrested and the police wanted a strong case if i understood the friendly policeman that shared this with me.


Impostor photoshoot

We made a photoshoot and a video for a school assignment, the assignment was to make a company and we chose to make a hair salon, and we had to have a presentation in school and it was sort of a sales pitch.
this was great fun and i am looking forward to do a similar project in school.

here you can see the photos from the shoot and the video.




The faces of Café Blasen




Breiðholtið the place i grew up…….


Kung Fu Izakaya Bar

In October i did a photoshoot for Kung Fu Izakaya bar in Vesterbro Copenhagen, we then used the photographs for a website we did for school, this is my favorite restaurant in Copenhagen, the best cocktails and the most insane  Japanese food.

here is the website we made for school….Recipe website